Toho Water Authority Mainline Leak Update

Brady Wright
Feb. 04, 2020

Good Afternoon Solivita,

I wanted to send an update on the mainline leak that belongs to TWA (Toho Water Authority). The location of the leak is along Cypress Parkway between San Clemente Avenue and the Parkway Gate. I have been in communication with TWA for the past 48 hours and here is the latest.

TWA Official Statement: “Toho Water Authority (Toho) crews responded to a 10-inch sewer main break located near Cypress Parkway between San Clemente Ave. and Solivita Blvd. yesterday. The leak was contained, and repairs are being finalized today. Much of the release was contained on site and in a ditch along Cypress Parkway.

Toho crews are continuing work in the area to clean up the spill. Although clean-up methods can vary, the work will typically include removal of debris, washing affected areas, and application of lime. Until clean-up activities are complete, please avoid contact with standing water or areas that otherwise exhibit evidence of the spill as a precaution.”

I have been assured by management at TWA that they too will be onsite until this has been addressed completely.